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SSKAberdeen - Weekly Quiz - Week 29 - The Results

Good morning everyone,

Here is this week’s leaderboard!

Congratulations to Smithsters for winning this week’s quiz

This Week’s Winner of the Lucky 6 quiz is Birthdayboy who wins £20 plus an additional £30 for their chosen charity!

Well done BirthdayBoy (Round 1) , Smithsters (Round 2) and Smithsters (Round 3 and for getting 15 out of 15! ) for winning the individual rounds!

This week 5 charities were directly supported by players taking part.

Sadly due to lack of numbers taking part I have had to take the difficult decision to stop writing the weekly quiz.

Please do keep an eye out on your emails etc as I do intend to run ‘special quizzes’ periodically for charities and perhaps refresh the weekly quiz at some point.

To those players who have played weekly – on behalf of the charities you were supporting – a massive thank you.

Together we have raised over £1800 for over 15 different charities over the last 29 weeks.

Thanks again for your support and hopefully we can quiz again soon.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 13, 2022

I'm always late to the party!

Tried to log onto the last quiz, but the automated system wouldn't let me through :(

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