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SSK Quiz - Week 32 - The Results

Good morning,

Thank you for taking part in this week's Quiz.

The Leaderboard is below!

Well done to LauraM for winning this week's Quiz! - they win £10!

Well done also goes to Smithsters for Winning Round 2 and Round 3 but just being pipped to the post by last week’s winner!

Next week's quiz will be available WEDNESDAY to purchase

Round 1 Craig David Round! (all about the last 7 days or so!)

Round 2 is Holidays

Round 3 is Catchphrases

Want some more Quizzing?

MONTHLY JACKPOT ROUND - can you get 15 out of 15 to win a share of the Jackpot - which this month is at £50!

£2 to enter - monies goto charity. - links expire 30th November at 11pm

Best of Craig David Round - Fancy playing 3 rounds of Craig David Round as featured this year? - £2 to enter and all monies go to the nominated charities - cash prize of £10 - links expire this Friday 18th November at 11pm

Thanks again for taking part!


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