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SSKAberdeen Weekly Charity Interactive Quiz - Week 3 - The Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in this week's quiz!!

First of all the winner of the Mystery Prize – and this week its a wooden spoon prize! - This week the mystery prize goes to Helpmebob!

Helpmebob you receive a Free Pass for NEXT WEEK’s QUIZ.

Here is this week’s leaderboard:

1st place LFC4ever has won the quiz! - £25.

2nd Place goes to DavieLad- £15

3rd place bangtidy – Free pass for next week’s quiz

4th place FriendlyFire – Free pass for next week’s quiz

Special shout out to LFC4Ever and markmcd1980 for winning Rounds 1,2 (LFC) and Round 3 (markmcd1980) respectively!

If the winner’s could please drop me a mail and ill get the prizes sorted out!

The LINKS for next weeks quiz will go live from TUESDAY morning!!

Round 1 – General Knowledge

Round 2 – People

Round 3 – Craig David Round

8 charities were supported directly this week - while the remaining 13 charities will each benefit receiving an equal share of the tickets bought under the SSK Weekly Charity Link. - each receiving £0.35.

Please feel free to send over your suggestions for future rounds you would like to see as well!!

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