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SSKAberdeen Week 10 - The Results

Good evening,

Thank you for taking part in this week’s charity quiz.

Here is this week’s leaderboard:

1st place markmcd1980 won the quiz! - £20.

2nd place goes to Andy S- £10

3rd place – Smithsters Free pass for next week’s quiz

4th place – KarenDDwD Free pass for next week’s quiz

If the winner’s could please drop me a mail and ill get the prizes sorted out!

The LINKS for next weeks quiz will go live from Monday Lunchtime!!

However there is a twist to the next quiz! – the next quiz will run for 2 weeks – it will have 4 rounds.....

AND! – its the Lucky 7 Quiz!! – whoever finishes 7th WILL WIN the main CASH Prize !!!

7th Place will win £20 & £30 for their chosen charity.

1st place will win £20.

2nd place £10

3rd and 4th Free pass to following week’s quiz

Round 1 – Craig David Round

Round 2 – Three Letters

Round 3 – General Knowledge

Round 4 – Sport in the 90s

6 charities were supported directly this week.

Thanks again for taking the time to take part!


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