In Aid of SensationALL - Weekly Interactive Charity Quiz

In Aid of SensationALL

Join us for 3 rounds of 15 questions ! - in a Lucky 7 edition of the quiz!

New Links are available to download every Tuesday and will stay live until 11pm on the Monday!


The Lucky 7 quiz is open until MONDAY 23rd May at 23:00


You dont have to play all 3 rounds at once either! - but make sure all 3 are completed by the 11pm deadline!!


This week's Lucky 7 quiz rounds are:


Round 1 - Craig David Round (all about the last 7 days or so)

Round 2 - Movie Superstars

Round 3 - Music


All multiple choice answers - - you get 20 seconds to answer!

Quicker you are the more points you score!

As this is the LUCKY 7 Quiz - the 7th Question in EACH ROUND is worth Double Points!


Cash prizes on offer!! -

1st place - £20,

2nd, & 3rd place Free Entry to the next quiz.


7th place - £20 & £30 for the players chosen Charity!


A Minimum of £3.50 out for the £5 goes directly to the charity - with the remaining amount being allocated for prizes etc.


All feedback greatfully recieved!


Full leaderboard will be posted in the BLOG section of website every week.


SensationALL is a registered Scottish charity, based in Westhill.

We provide therapy based activities and specialist support for individuals with disabilities or ‘multiple support needs’, their families and associated professionals.

Multiple Support Needs is a term used to identify and recognise the many factors which impact on an individual, their lives and their care or support needs.


SensationALL is so-called because we believe that individuals with MSN and their families should ALL have access to appropriate specialist services, without restrictions on age, location or diagnosis.

Our vision is to give people with disabilities a place to belong, where they feel empowered, safe and supported throughout their lives.

In Aid of SensationALL - Weekly Interactive Charity Quiz