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Lucky 7 Edition of the Charity Quiz - now available

The Links are now available for this very special edition of the charity quiz!

Welcome to the Lucky 7 Quiz Edition - where the 7th Question of each round is worth DOUBLE POINTS!

The person finishing 7th will win £20 for themselves and also £30 for their chosen Charity!!

There is also other cash prizes available including £20 for winning the quiz as well.

Remember a minimum of £3.50 out of the £5 goes directly to the charity of your choice.

For this special edition of the quiz there are 4 rounds of 15 questions all against the clock.

The rounds for this special edition are :

Round 1 - Craig David Round (last 7 days or so)

Round 2 - Three Letters

Round 3 - General Knowledge

Round 4 - Sport in the 90s

Links remain open until 9pm Sunday 1st May!

Cash prizes on offer as well as bragging rights!!

Good luck!


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